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In mid-2007, Time Warner Cable had approached Fi to begin development on what has been deemed the “DVR Project”. In essence, the project was to be a web application capable of displaying channel listings and allowing Time Warner customers the ability to record directly to their DVR devices from the web. This project was initially kicked off, developed, and completed using Adobe Flex 2 (which was still in beta at the time of development). My role at this point of the project was to develop many of the widgets and search/browse views associated with the application.

Several months after delivery, it was decided by Time Warner that they would like to have another go at the project, only this time, they wanted to start from the ground up and build the application using HTML and Javascript to drive the front-end of the application. For this iteration of the project, I was brought in halfway through the first phase of the development cycle, where my focus was also on the user interaction of many of the components, using the Prototype Javascript library. In addition to specific areas, I also served an overall CSS support role within the development team.

The first phase of the project has since been launched and is visible to any user of Recording functionality is currently being tested for a final release to Time Warner customers at a later date.

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