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National Geographic Events

Information Architect,
Technical Lead
Launch Project

Project Description

The goal of National Geographic Events was to take four of National Geographic’s existing properties, and combine them into a single, cohesive brand. This process began with an audit of the existing websites and determining how to best combine the content into a single destination that supplied information regarding exhibits, concerts, speakers, and museums. Once this was compiled and organized, a final site map was developed as well as a listing of all necessary page templates.

The wireframe phase then began based on the final set of page templates required. Rather than define the IA for every single page required on the site, more emphasis was placed on the modularity of different components that could appear in given areas within these templates. This allowed all parties involved to focus more critically on the interaction between components in order to develop a highly-flexible site architecture.

From a development perspective, I worked with National Geographic’s web team and back-end vendor to establish a technical strategy for the development of the site. This information was then filtered through to our front-end development team in Stockholm to facilitate communication between all three parties responsible for the site’s completion and ensure proper integration of our HTML templates.

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