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Mario Kart Wii

Interactive Developer
Launch Project

Project Description

A “labor of love” in its truest form, I am still astonished that I can say that I worked on this project! If I wasn’t playing Goldeneye with my friends after school, then we were definitely playing Mario Kart 64. Without a doubt, working on this site was one of the most intense experiences of my life (read: long hours and sleepless nights). The end result was 100% worthwhile.

I had full responsibility for the development of the Flash teaser site, which included a video player, image viewer, and interactive map that corresponded with Nintendo’s North American tour. These components were brought into the primary microsite which launched soon after. In addition, I developed the interactive framework which handled the smart loading of all sections in the site and all of the heavy images and video assets that the site was reliant upon.

Perhaps the most technically challenging part of this project was the developing the site for use within Flash Player 7. This was an unavoidable consequence due to the requirement that the site be accessible using the Wii Browser. As a result, we had to be flexible and creative in our approach to solving the simplest of tasks which would have been easily solved had we access to some of the newer classes and effects that are often taken for granted in newer versions of Flash.

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