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EA Mobile

Web Developer,
Flash Developer
Launch Project

Project Description

As the first client in need of a fully HTML portal, EA Mobile was a valuable learning experience. To promote new games and foster a sense of fun, a strong emphasis was placed on providing a strong interactive experience for the user. To support this need, I developed the video player and homepage carousel components in Flash. As a firm opponent to carousels, this was an extraordinary challenge to push the concept further than the standard “merry-go-round” of 3D panels that had been implemented up to that point. The result is a fun component that follows the concept of a shuffling deck of cards, emphasizing the game-related content of the site.

Not entirely won over by our use of the Prototype Javascript library during the redesign of the Fi site, I pushed the development team to try out jQuery for this project. We were extremely satisfied with its low learning curve and logical structure and instantly became fans. To this day, it is the preferred Javascript library used by Fi developers; and since its introduction, we have built up a significant library of plug-ins to assist our efforts in creating sites which are identical to their initial designs.

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